ALS Maverick Testing Laboratories is a full spectrum, independent, state-of-the-art
testing laboratory. Providing a comprehensive range of welder qualification, procedure
development, metallurgical and mechanical testing services.

Mechanical Testing

ALS Maverick provides structural, physical and mechanical
testing of materials and products. Tests are designed to
verify that the material or product complies with national
or international standards and customer specifications.
Our mechanical testing teams are well supported by our
engineers and metallurgists, delivering accurate results in
a timely manner.

We provide the following mechanical testing services:

• Hardness testing – Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Vickers micros-hardness, Knoop
• Bend testing
• Impact testing – Charpy and Izod
• Tensile/compression testing
• Fatigue testing
• Fracture mechanics
• Product and prototype compliance testing
• Proof load testing
• Shear testing
• Plastic and composite material testing
• Macro examination
• Fillet-break tests/Nick-break tests

Materials Engineering

Our highly experienced engineers and metallurgists provide our
clients with answers to complex materials related questions. We
provide the following services:

• Residual Life Extension
• Material selection, identification, chemical analysis
• Condition assessment and repair strategies
• Metallography and micro-structural characterization
• Fatigue/remnant life analysis
• Stress and strain measurement
• Failure analysis and mitigation/root cause analysis
• Corrosion investigation and mitigation
• Coating assessment and specification
• Concrete diagnostics and repair strategies
• Creep and creep fatigue analysis of high temperature plant
• Evaluation of cracks and flaws, utilizing fracture mechanics
• Weld procedure development and review
• Litigation support and expert witness

Mobile Testing & Qualifications

We recently expanded our services to include a Mobile
Testing Lab to better serve our Oil & Gas customers in
remote areas. The Mobile Testing Lab is set up for various
API/ASME/AWS Testing, including Nick break tests and
bend testing. Welder certifications and documentation is
provided on-site through the mobile office.

Specialized WPS/PQR Development

Maverick provides a single source service for a wide array of your
procedure development needs. We offer:
• On-site welding engineers to provide direction and input on the
technical aspects of your procedure
• Welders to perform the hands-on portion
• In-house metallurgists to complete the mechanical and
metallurgical aspects of the testing

Coupon Sales

ALS Maverick provides a comprehensive line of welder testing, procedure development and continuous development coupons with
on-time delivery. We offer in-house machine shop capabilities to accommodate any of your specialized needs, including quality pipe,
plate and procedure development coupons. Please visit for more information.